Service Delivery Team
Medical Equipments

The service delivery team at MSI consists of experienced and specialized bio-medical engineers who have good experience in sales and servicing of equipments. Every engineer is trained specifically by our overseas principal manufacturers to provide proper demonstration and servicing of our range of products to troubleshoot any problems faced by the end users.

The supply chain team conducts extensive product research to search for the latest innovation in the field of medical equipments and search for the best products in the industry. The team works extensively with its partners to upgrade their products to match customer requirements and compete with world class products while at the same time deliver the same at the least possible cost.

Corporate Procurement Solutions

The corporate procurement team works closely with its customers to offer them not just what they ask for at the best prices, but also offers them cost effective solutions by offering the latest innovative products well researched by various “subject matter experts” in the organization.

The team works with corporate houses and the purchase teams cohesively to simplify their procurement efforts by offering a wide range of products under one roof. The team consists of hand-picked techno-commercial experts with proven experience in the field of corporate sales and procurement.

Online Retail

The online retail division team consists of a high energy vibrant and passionate team of professionals from the e-commerce space who work together to deliver a world class shopping experience to its customers. The supply chain works with the objective of offering world class products to its customers at the best prices delivered at their doorstep.

The team consists of various category managers, procurement professionals, supply chain and logistics experts, customer care executives, packaging and quality assurance professionals to ensure accuracy in product delivery. One strong and common factor which is the DNA of MSI is its
extremely strong customer service orientation.

Product knowledge is an essential element which compels the entire team at MSI to continuously update themselves for the benefit of their customers.
The subject matter experts (SME) in each area of operation provide tremendous strength to the frontline team.

The SMEs undertake extensive research on each product through their team of researchers which enables them to recommend the right product to its customers. The team works on a very wide range of product options offered to its online customers through a chain of online stores and ensures on-time delivery to its customers. 

Supervisory Board
Service Delivery Team
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