Medical Equipment Division

MSIL invests heavily into product research to discover the best in medical equipment industry across the world to keep itself appraised of the latest in product research and promote the best available brands in the country thereby contributing to the society and human life.

The organization has a vision to become the single largest source of imported medical equipments in the country.
Corporate Procurement Solutions

MSIL works on the principle of providing cost effective procurement solutions to various business and corporate houses across the country with the objective of simplifying the procurement process by not only centralizing the procurement function but also creating value for the organization by bringing down cost significantly. Backed by a very effective logistics support, MSIL carries the ability to make material available in any part of the country efficiently and effectively
Online Retailing Division

MSIL has a vision to reach every single household in the country by promoting online shopping to its customer across the country. With a broad range of products, being distributed through a large range of online showrooms, it reaches out to the entire generation of online shoppers through breakthrough deals on top class brands making shopping not only simple but also cost effective.
Business Divisions
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