Fully Electric Universal Operating Table » OT-2300

An extra powered upper back section to meet the requirement of chest position.
An extra powered upper back section to meet the requirement of chest position.
The electric leg plate bend adjust by hand controller.
Wireless remote controller (optional accessories OT-1832)
Coiled remote hand controller with precisely designed program provides versatile table top movement safety and precisely patient
Emergency override panel: An independent control panel with fail-safe system offers override function if remote control hand box
is not available.
The waterproof foot pedal controller offer table top movements as Height up/down, Back section up/down, Trendelenburg /
Reverse trend and Lateral tilt left/right. (optional accessories OT-1833)
Ups powered supply rechargeable battery system has sufficient capacity for approx 100 operations.
4electro-hydraulic floor locking supporters with auto-balance system keep the table stable.
The T-shaped base lends the table excellent stability and provides easy access for surgical team.
Vertical position for C arm x-ray
Gynecology, Urology position
Ophthalmic position
(Optional accessories recommended: Wrist support OT-1733)
Nephrectomy position
(Optional accessories recommended: Head cushion OT-1723, Raised armrest OT-1728, Kidney Elevator OT-1740)
Neurosurgery position
(Optional accessories recommended: U-shaped headrest OT-1720)
Sitting position
(Optional accessories recommended: Sitting head support OT-1732, Raised armrest OT-1728)
Rectal position
(Optional accessories recommended: Cylindraceous support OT-1726, Foot support OT-1724)
Thoracic position
(Optional accessories recommended: Kidney Elevator OT-1740)
Table Dimension / mm
Table Top Elevation
Trendelenburg / Reverse Trend
Lateral Tilt (Left / Right)
Lower Back Section (Up / Down)
Upper Back Section (Up / Down)
Head Section (Up / Down)
Emergency Override Panel
Standard Accessories
Ups Battery Device
Standard Accessories
Elec. AC Input
110V ~ 230V 50 / 60Hz
Remote Controller Power
DC 12V
Table Weight (Approx)
Mattress Thick
5.5 CM
Patient Weight Capacity
250 KGS
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