Manual Hydraulic Universal Operating Table » OT-125A / 128A

» This model operating table is the simplest designed for use in general surgery, emergency and for an auxiliary table.

» Table top consists of four sections, head, back, seat and leg sections and equipped with two slide rails.

» The base, gear box and table top are covered with ABS synthetic resin which may resist corrosion, knocking and scratches, it is durable and easily cleansable.

» The mattress on the table top is specially treatment, it may be easily cleaned and no blood spot will be remained.

» Sightly step on the foot pedal of action to move up and down the table to suitable position, and any movement. Of position is very smooth for operation.

» The table base equipped with a locking screw to stop or free the table to move and there are four castors for easy move.
» Length of table top (Head 25cm + Back 60cm + Seat 52cm + Leg 53cm) …190cm

» Width of table top…50cm

» Table top height lowest / heightest…75cm ~ 100cm

» Lateral tilt left / right…20° / 20°

» Trendelenburg / Reverse trendelenburg…30° / 30°

» Back section up / down tilt angle…45° / 0°

» Head section up / down tilt angle…30° / 90°

» Leg section up / down tilt angle…0° / 90°
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