Surgical Light » EMALED 560

With EMALED 560 and EMALED 560/560 we have upgraded our family of surgical lights. With a diameter of the light head of only 61 cm and an illumination intensity of 160.000 lx we are now able to offer you one of the smallest and brightest surgical lights in this category. The light diodes produce light in a near-to-sunlight spectrum of 4.200 K and a color rendering index of 92 without warming the operative field with the infrared or ultraviolet light. The illumination intensity, which is adjustable from 10% to 100%, and the operative field size are being regulated by control panel at the light head or optionally by wireless external control panel. The standard, completely gimballed suspension system and the easy moving of the light head enable comfortable working. Surgical light EMALED 560 has an optional, uninterrupted power supply that automatically sustains power of the accumulators charged up for about 4 hours without being connected to an electrical outlet. The newest LED technology, the long life cycle of the diodes of at least 40.000 hours, the low energy consumption of the surgical light (80 W) and the small maintenance effort enable economical use of EMALED 560.
Maximum illumination intensity
160.000 lx
Illumination control
Light field D10
min 180mm
max 350 mm
Light field D50
90 mm
Shadow correction (residual illumination)
with one mask
with two masks
with one tube
with one mask and one tube
with two masks and one tube
Operating distance
70-140 cm
Color temperature
4200 K
Color rendering index
92 Ra
Maximum irradiance
544 W/m2
Specific irradiance
3,3 mW/m2 Lx
Electrical characteristics
Input voltage
187 V - 242 V
47-63 Hz
80 VA
Light bulbs life cycle
40.000 h
Mechanical characteristics
Mounting height, min.
Operating area
Height adjustment of the light head
1.100 mm
Weight  (of light head )
9,5 kg
Weight (with the carrier arm)
80 kg
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