Surgical Light » EMALED 300 F mobile

As a cost-effective alternative solution to the movable EMALED 300 mobile we place our EMALED 300 F mobile on the market. EMALED 300 F mobile is with the help of a new swivel stand, chassis and without back-up battery more compact and movable. With the lighting power of 100.000 lx and a working field of 150 mm this light ensure a shadow-free lighting of the surgical area. The light of 28 LED’s, a near sunlight spectrum of 4.200 K and a good color rendering index of 92 allows a high-contrast and detailed view of the wound. Due to the “cool” light of the diodes without infrared and ultraviolet rays there is only minimal heat with the EMALED 300 F mobile. The illumination control (10-100%) as well as the off/on switch is situated direct at the light head. The low consumption of electricity and the long life span of the light diodes (at least 40.000 h) ensure low operating costs by the daily use of the light. There are some important features that guarantee a safe and easy use of this surgical light: The lighting heads are easy to move, simply to attach and can be moved unhindered around the horizontal axes.
Maximum illumination intensity
100.000 lx
Illumination control
Light field D10
150 mm
Light field D50
80 mm
Shadow correction (residual illumination)
with one mask
with two masks
with one tube
with one mask and one tube
with two masks and one tube
Operating distance
70-140 cm
Color temperature
4.200 K
Color rendering index
92 Ra
Maximum irradiance
300 W/m2
Specific irradiance
3,3 mW/m2 Lx
Electrical characteristics
Input voltage
187 V - 242 V
47-63 Hz
24 VA
Light bulbs life cycle
40.000 h
Mechanical characteristics
Mounting height, min.
Operating area
1.540 mm
Height adjustment of the light head
1.500 mm
Weight  (of light head )
4 kg
Weight (with the carrier arm)
30 kg
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