Surgical Light » EMALED 200D

With the new examination light EMALED 200 for the examination and treatment room EMA-LED GmbH is enlarging its product range of surgical and examination lights. The light head of the examination light EMALED 200 is characterized by its high mobility and the optimal positioning at the everyday work. As a ceiling mounted light it is the ideal partner in the daily work. With 7 LEDs, the illumination intensity of 50.000 lx and the operating light field of 140 mm there is an almost shadow-free illumination of the operative field. The good color rendering index of the "cool" LED light of 92 Ra without infrared and ultraviolet rays as well as the near-to-sun light spectrum of 4.200 K care for the contrasty and detailed view of the wound. The low energy consumption of only 15 W per light as well as the long life cycle of the diodes of at least 40.000 hours care for the lowest operating expenses.
Maximum illumination intensity
50.000 lx
Control of lighting intensity
in three steps
(35%, 70%, 100%)
Light field D10
140 mm
Light field D50
80 mm
Shadow correction (residual illumination)
with one mask
with two masks
with one tube
with one mask and one tube
with two masks and one tube
Operating distance
70-140 cm
Color temperature
4.200 K
Color rendering index
92 Ra
Maximum irradiance
300 W/m2
Specific irradiance
3,3 mW/m2 Lx
Electrical characteristics
Input voltage
220+ - 22 V
50+-1 Hz
10 VA
Light bulbs life cycle
40.000 h
Mechanical characteristics
Mounting height, min.
Operating area
1.800 mm
Height adjustment of the light head
1.195 mm
Weight  (of light head )
1 kg
Weight (with the carrier arm)
12 kg
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